Mind and Image is a boutique Color Grading and Visual Effects facility based in Berlin. Our expertise and flexibility fits into any Post-production pipeline. We offer a complete turnkey solution.
Color grading is a fundamental part of Mind and Image since its inception. We have worked on many diverse projects for both local and international clients. We offer a comfortable collaborative environment in our color grading suite. Our clients have both the option to work with us here or operate remotely from anywhere in the world. 
Davinci Resolve is at the heart of our color correction pipeline. Our tools are always up to date and at the forefront of imaging technology. Currently we are able to work with projects of up to 8K resolution.
From the “invisible” effects like retouching through to more advanced techniques like dynamic simulations and environment creation our team of artists is able to deliver on the demands of any project. Being 'full service' our VFX work is integrated and aware of modern pipelines and post workflows.
Our VFX services include: 
pre-visualization, research and development, compositing, set extension, rotoscoping, matte painting, simulations, match moving, 3D modeling and animation.
Our experienced digital imaging technicians, data wranglers and video operators make sure projects and data are in safe hands from the beginning. We develop workflows to fit our clients onset digital needs. Our DIT Mobile setups are equipped with up to date technology, a digital lab on wheels, capable of dealing with 8K footage. We offer data security and have the ability to do on set: dailies, grading, LTO backup and effect pre-visualization.
We deliver media content to various different platforms. We are able meet the different specifications of Television, Web platforms and DCP mastering for Cinemas.
Our mastering services ensure correct project delivery with personal quality control. We use LTO archiving for the secure backup of our clients material.
We are passionate about producing new and exciting work, enjoy the challenge of taking projects from an initial idea through to the finished product. Being a post-production house we specialize on vfx heavy shootings and are able to take a comprehensive view of the whole production, streamlining the process.