Mind and Image was founded 2011 in Berlin.
Sergej Jurisdizkij - CEO // Senior Colorist

Sergej studied digital film technique and began his professional career as digital cinema was starting to take hold. He was one of the early digital imaging technicians, a red one pioneer and began his colorist career in 2007.
Most weekends you can find Sergej in Grunewald catching wild boar with his bare hands, before preparing them for a BBQ.
Nicolas Giraldon - Senior VFX Artist // Editor

Nicolas began his post-production career in Berlin as an editor for a large Post-production house after which he started freelancing and moved into visual effects work.
After untangling himself from a spider web of Nuke nodes, Nicolas likes to go home  and break out his deluxe 200 piece Meccano set and put his engineering degree to good use.
Dominic Taylor - 3D Artist // Compositor

Dominic have his focus  on post-production since many years, particularly 3D animation and compositing. Before moving to Berlin from Auckland, he worked full time at toybox as an Animation Director, VFX supervisor and 3d Generalist.
Dominic needs to make sure he has enough Marmite, super wines and pineapple lumps to get him through the zombie apocalypse or the Berlin winter, whichever comes first.

Tonio Mundry - VR Artist // 3D Generalist

Tonio graduated from Bauhaus University Weimar with a degree in fine arts. He has been working as a full time artist exploring painting with VR, AR and Deep Learning (AI) in new media.
Tonio is also a fashion whore and always wears the latest, hottest labels as long as those labels are Spam, Spam and Spam.